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For immediate help with disasters from storms, tornados, fire, or flooding damage

If your property has suffered damage from disaster such as flooding, storm, or tornado – immediately call us. We have a responsive team ready to help. When there is a disaster, many property owners are calling for service to get assistance as quickly as possible to mitigate damage. We service Houston, San Antonio & McAllen metro markets as well as other cities throughout Texas for disaster clean-up and restoration services. Our team will work fast to clean up any debris, repair damages and return your property to working conditions.


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Disaster Remediation & Recovery Cleanup

Capital Disaster Solutions makes the restoration process as stress-free as possible. We understand how devastating disasters can be. We keep you informed throughout the clean-up, repair, and renovation process. We help you file all the required documentation for your insurance provider for speedy claims processing.

Our team has worked on thousands of emergency disaster damage projects and can get the emergency handled quickly as to stop the damage. Once the damage has been stopped, then our crews can begin the restoration and repairs process.

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Disasters like fires and storms can leave a path of dangerous debris in their wake, so calling a disaster cleaning company can significantly speed up the recovery process. We work with most insurance companies, so we know what they are looking for as far as documentation and how to file the claims to help you recover fast from the disaster. We ensure your property is safe, secure from further damage, vandalism, pest, rain, etc. Additionally, we are a full-service remodeling company. This gives you a significant advantage, as we can clean up, repair, and restore your property.



Disaster Remediation: It is the process of reversing and containing damages. When the disaster restoration team arrives at the scene, they must evaluate the scope of the damage and identify any hazards that might be present, such as structural damage, noxious gases, or debris. We have seen it, done it and handled it. Our teams are trained to handle most situations related to disasters. We focus on fast remediation response to reduce property damages.


How CDS Repairs Your Property after a Disaster

Our priority is your safety after a disaster. We confirm and stabilize your property to ensure its structurally sound, thereafter, clean-up debris and check if there are any hazards or contaminants, which is then cleaned-up or a secure parameter is a setup for safety. Then, the restoration and repair work starts.

Capital Disaster Solutions is one of the leading disaster restoration companies in Houston; our job is to rapidly restore your property and get you back to daily life.

Disaster Repair

It is the process of repairing your damaged property and repair it. Whether your property needs cleaning, your floors need restoring, or you need complete reconstruction of your property, we get it done for you.

Emergency Board-Up and Roof Tarping Services:

If the disaster hits your property, then the next significant step is to save your property from additional damages from other natural elements, such as storm, rain, wind, or pests. We offer to board up and roof tarping services, which is not a permanent solution, but it will protect your property until the repairs are completed.

Cleanup of Flood Damage:

Texas floods are disastrous, but if floodwaters enter your property, then it will make it much worse. According to the EPA, floodwater contains infected particles, bacteria, and hazardous chemicals. Any interaction with floodwater can make you sick, so we suggest call us, so we can clean-up floodwater. We remove the water, dry, and sanitize the affected areas and return your property in a safe and clean condition.

Cleanup of Storm Damage:

Storms often come without any warning. These storms create destruction through uprooting trees, high winds take roofs out, and shatter windows & doors. When the CDS team arrives at the scene, they will clean up any fallen trees, smashed windows, or any debris. We provide temporary board-up and roof tarp service as well.

Expert Commercial Disaster Restoration:

Our team works on commercial disaster restoration projects which includes multifamily & commercial buildings, restaurants, airports, hotels, and hospitals.

Training, expertise, and equipment are the necessities to handle any disaster restoration job, and we specialize in this area of work. We restore your business and return it to its original use state, just cleaner and in a better condition.

If you are looking for a quality disaster cleanup and restoration Company in Houston, then choose CDS. We work hard to repair your property, restore your damaged property, and quickly get you back into your property.




How the Disaster & Restoration Process works:

  • We provide a free visual inspection to identify storm damage accurately.
  • We clean up debris and hazardous materials.
  • We move furniture to our storage facility to avoid further damages.
  • We extract water out of walls and flooring.
  • We dry your property using advanced air movers and dehumidifiers.
  • We sanitize the property and use an anti-microbial spray to stop mold growth.
  • In case of exposure in the roof, we board up broken windows and provide roof tarping.
  • We remove damaged materials like carpets, drywall, ceilings, and wood flooring.
  • We repair or remodel your business after the clean-up process.
  • We help you to record an insurance claim to get your loss covered.

Home Disaster Cleanup in Houston, San Antonio and across the State of Texas:

  • FREE damage estimates & visual inspections
  • Available 24 hours
  • The trained disaster cleaning team
  • Advanced equipment
  • Top rated restoration company
  • Free help with insurance claims



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