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For immediate help with your restoration and reconstruction project

When disaster strikes your business, our team will help you minimize your downtime and get you back up and running as quickly as possible. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year to restore your business to its previous state.


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Emergency first responder services
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Water extraction
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Structural drying and dehumidification
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Tarping and board-up
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Mold remediation
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Hail and wind roof replacement
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Asbestos abatement
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Complete general contracting services

CDS sends our damage restoration crew to your location as soon as you contact us. We handle everything from floods to water cleanup, pipe-bursts, hot water heater burst, sewage backups and more.

Our team has worked on thousands of projects and can get the emergency handled quickly as to stop the damage. Once damage has been stopped, then our crews can begin the restoration and repairs process.

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Emergency first responder

If your property has suffered damage from disaster such as flooding, storm, or tornado – immediately call us. We have a responsive team ready to help. When there is a disaster, many property owners are calling for service to get assistance as quickly as possible to mitigate damage. We service Houston, San Antonio & McAllen metro markets as well as other cities throughout Texas for disaster clean-up and restoration services. Our team will work fast to clean up any debris, repair damages and return your property to working conditions.


WATER Extraction

It's very important to remove the water from the floors and/or stem the water flow as quickly as possible. Then get the moisture out, drying the floors. If it’s in the walls, remove the sheetrock, insulation and dry the studs. Our teams have moisture meters and infrared technology to locate moisture not visible otherwise and can pinpoint problematic wet areas that can be very costly if not dried properly. In some cases, we do not need to cut sheetrock to dry those areas out.


Structural drying and dehumidification


Upon arriving at your property, CDS will immediately assess the damage and strategize a plan of action.
Our team will then begin the water extraction process by using commercial-grade equipment that absorbs, drains, pumps, or vacuums the affected area.

Using air movers, dehumidifiers and/or desiccant drying techniques, CDS will remove excess moisture in the air and dry porous surfaces in the affected areas.

CDS will ensure every area of your building returns to its dry standard. This process will eliminate immediate threats caused by water intrusion and prevent potential damages in the future, so that you can continue to operate in a safe environment.



Emergency Board-Up and Roof Tarping Services:

If disaster hits your property, then the next significant step is to save your property from additional damages from other natural elements, such as storm, rain, wind, or pests. We offer to board up and tarp your roof, which is not a permanent solution, but it will protect your property until the repairs are completed.


Mold remediation

Even minor water damage can leave behind damp areas that can lead to the growth of mold if not treated properly. Our team is trained to look for and treat for and signs that you have a mold problem that requires professional attention:

If you’ve been experiencing health issues that you believe are caused by mold spores in the air, there could be potential mold in the walls and or boards of the property.

After severe storms and or flooding our team will ensure to properly treat all areas to ensure mold does not grow and cause damage.


Hail and wind roof replacement

If you have broken windows, doors, flooding in the property, roof breached, roof leaks, siding damaged, doors are broken, or any type of damages due to hail and or wind damage and you see that you need help, call us for immediate service.


Asbestos abatement

When asbestos abatement is taking place, occupants are not allowed to enter the area. Typically, the part of the building from which asbestos is being removed must be sealed off in order to prevent contamination of the other areas. The idea is that the contained area is pulling fresh air in as to not let asbestos fibers out into the surrounding environment. Our team uses special equipment that is designed for asbestos containment and can be safely used when cleaning up during and after asbestos removal. Ordinary vacuum cleaners cannot be used, even those fitted with a HEPA filter. An ordinary vacuum cleaner will expel the asbestos fibers into the room air. If the building is closed to normal users, it may be necessary to seal it off from outside atmosphere so that no accessible air is contaminated.


Complete general contracting services

Our team has worked on thousands of projects and can get your emergency handled quickly and professionally as to stop further damage. Once damage has been stopped, then our crews can begin the restoration and repairs process.

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Office And Industrial

The general contracting team at Capital DS has decades of experience completing high-end interior tenant improvement projects and ground-up construction. We understand the needs of building owners and asset managers when it comes to executing and completing construction projects on time with a keen eye for detail & quality. Our teams are used to working around surrounding tenants and working in stealth mode at nights and on weekends to minimize tenant and business disruption. Do not let our name fool you, we have what it takes to complete the most complex Class A buildouts across the state of Texas.

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Multi Family

In addition, our teams are very well-versed in Multifamily Rehab and Renovation projects. Whether it is bringing a complex up to code with ADA enhancements, or a complete overhaul down to the studs in order to maximize rental income, Capital DS has the knowledge and skill sets to get the job done right the first time. Whatever your scope of work entails, we look forward to learning more about your unique requirements and how we can assist. Capital DS is not just another Restoration firm. We have a phenomenal General Contracting division assisting owners and developers all over Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, and other surrounding gulf states. Each project is meticulously thought out and planned with communication in mind every step of the way. Our team is committed to the success of your project and takes pride and ownership through completion & beyond. Give us a call to discuss your needs so that we can formulate a construction plan and budget that is right for you.


  • Tenant Improvement
  • Interior / Exterior Enhancements
  • Fitout or Expansion Renovations
  • ADA upgrades
  • Roofing and Siding Replacement
  • Concrete and Flatwork Rehabilitation



Emergency water removal,
flood mitigation services