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Storm damage restoration services

A quality storm damage restoration service serving the multifamily and commercial Texas market and other select states across America specializing in Wind & Hail Roof Damage Repair Services. We are a full-service renovation Company, we handle the entire process of renovation.

For immediate help with wind and hail damage

Wind & Hail Roof
Damage Repair Services Include:

Storm Damage Repair
Water Removal & Cleanup
Roof Repair & Roof Tarping
Tree Removal
Disaster Cleanup
Home Reconstruction
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Hail Damage & Wind Damage Repair

Storms can be a devastating event for property owners, and our team of experts are compassionate throughout the entire process. We provide a stress-free storm damage restoration process so that you can get back into your property.

Our team has worked on thousands of emergency water damage projects and can get the emergency handled quickly as to stop the damage. Once damage has been stopped, then our crews can begin the restoration and repairs process.

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Storm Damage Restoration Services

Texas & many southern states are prone to severe storms, heavy rains, t-storms, high winds, hail damage, tree damage to roofs and properties – all common occurrences. You can count on Capital Disaster Solutions to repair, replace, reconstruct, remodel, rebuild your storm-damaged property.

If your property had storm, wind, rain or flooding – call us.

If you have broken windows, doors, flooding in the property, roof breached, roof leaks, siding damaged, doors are broken, or any type of damages you see that you need help, call us for immediate service.

Our team of storm damage restoration experts can place tarps and secure your property from rain, pests or rodents, and vandalism. We can remove the fallen trees and remove hazards from the storm. Then we can work with your staff to get your property renovated and restored.


Water Damage Cleanup Services

There are many aspects to water damage cleanup services. We offer tree removal, debris cleanup, hazard removal, and more. During every storms and flooding, even if you don’t have visible property damage, it’s important to get your HVAC unit cleaned. The outdoor units can get dirt in them, and this can create thousands of dollars of cost to you, many months after the storm.

Additionally, the continuous rain, storms, and humidity in Texas can cause significant chances of mold and mildew, we can help you with your drainage projects to ensure the water flows away from your property.


Flood Cleanup & Removal Services

The Houston, Austin, San Antonio and McAllen areas are filled with streams and drainage ditches for heavy rains, t-storms and rainfalls tropical storms, hurricanes to flow away from the city. However, as during “Harvey Flooding”, the drains, ditches and bayous all filled up and could not flow out. This caused a massive surge in flooded homes and properties in Greater Houston.

It is very important to sanitize your living space after flood water contamination, as the water has high levels of bacterial, sewage, and is unsanitary. Additionally, as the flood water flows through streets and parking areas, the water picks up chemicals from coolant, oils, and bacteria.

Flooding of any type on your property should be considered high risk for your tenants, and we recommend sanitizing and restoring your property using specialized treatments. Call CDS for a free estimate and we can help you with flood cleanup.



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